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Title: RE: Lua 5.0 Alpha and api_incr_top

> Sure, I agree.  Since Lua 4.0 and 4.1, many things have become slower
> (and many things have become faster).  lua_getref() is one of
> them.  So
> is 'for key, value in table' (by quite a bit).  Or lua_getn().  I

Oh, if you have made further research on it, could you please
expand a bit on 'for key, value in table' ?
Is the slowdown for all cases ? Is it merely a consequence of the
slowdown of another operation ?
I often (read potentially a lot of times per frame) call this,
though there are usually only a handful of entries in the table,
often just one. Is the slowdown linear with the number of entries,
or just an added constant overhead ?

Vincent Penquerc'h