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> AFAIK, it works for quite some time. 
> IIRC, I added  independent settings for file formats and buffers, 

You may well be right, I just got into the habit of typing indents required
into the dialog :-)

> Now, like Sc1 has integrated Scintilla, perhaps we can make a version
> integrating Lua as well.

Perhaps you could use the wxWindows framework in which to build SciTE? Wx
has zlib and other libs built in, along with expat etc. Apart from a
horrible crash problem I have with the document view framework I have I'm
finding it a very nice library to use. I know this probably goes against my
small executable preference but it would make scintilla easier to bind to
Lua, through the wxStyleTextCtrl.

> If you feel adventurous, you can download the Lua support 
> from the Scintilla
> CVS and see if it still works. It is quite old, but at least 
> corresponding
> support code is still conditionally present in the current sources.

I would love to help (I did look at that many months ago) but I am currently
moving jobs (and countries!) and I would like to concentrate on the version
of VisLua I have started (for which I will soon be looking for volunteers
:0) in the little time I have available. This will have Lua scripting and
editing similar to MSDev.

Keep up the good work.