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Title: RE: Domain Specific Languages

> > I dont see the point of adding zlib just to edit files from
> compressed
> > archives.
> Or you can just use Windows's built-in compression routines,
> so you don't
> have to "add" anything. Under Linux, you'd just be linking
> against zlib,
> it wouldn't make the app any bigger. Arguably it's the same
> on Windows,
> it's just that you have to supply the DLL. It doesn't add
> much complexity
> to the editor.

A nice way to do this would be to have a plugin system, and when
a file is to be loaded, each plugin is proposed the file, and can
check whether this is a format which the plugin can load. Plugins
should be able to be chained.
So gzipped files would be opened by the gzip plugin, which would
chain the (uncompressed) file back to the plugin system, where a
different plugin would then find it to its liking.
Plugins then don't need to be part of the main program, and you
can add plugins for bzip2'd files, uuencoded files, and whatnot.
Hell, you could even add a plugin for http transfer if you want :)

Vincent Penquerc'h