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Hello, I just stumbled across Lua a day or two ago and am currently
evaluating it for use in our codebase.  I have a couple of questions that I
haven't been able to find up-to-date answers for on the Wiki site, or in (an
admittedly brief) search of this list's archive.

1) What is the current state of being able to switch Lua to using float
instead of double?  Back in 2000 there were a few messages on the subject,
but it wasn't entirely clear if the process was just a simple switch in the
Lua code.

2) Does Lua know the size of things that it is freeing?  We have a fast /
lightweight memory allocator I'd like to use with Lua, but it doesn't record
the size of an allocated block -- it relies on the C++ delete(void*, size_t)
to be told the size of the block being deleted.  Could Lua be easily adapted
to use this mechanism?  In the same vein, it would also be good if the
memory management was all vectored.

3) Is there a timetable for 4.1?  There are some interesting features
apparently being considered for that release, and there are a bunch of
things I found here ( ) which would be
really useful in the environment I'm considering using Lua.  I'd rather not
used a hacked/unsupported version of Lua, so it would be nice to see these
items in a general release.

4) Is there a remote debugger available?  I need to host the debugger on a
Win2K/XP machine and have it communicate through a channel that I provide to
the Lua VM.  Do debuggers normally support debugging multiple simultaneous


Andrew Brownsword
Senior Software Engineer
Pioneer Productions
Electronic Arts (Canada), Inc.