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Andre wrote:
> > Now, perhaps indeed providing a .zip file of the sources can be a good
> > idea, zlib can be used for that, I think, with little work.
> zip and unzip are available for *NIX, and they are fully compatible with
> their M$ counterparts. You can find them at

Yes, that's what I was thinking about. Of course, zlib is the library those
utilities use to compress and decompress, my mind took a shortcut :-)

Björn De Meyer wrote:
> > I am
> > _definitely_ not advocating a Windows installer or something of that
> But, if you want to make one, it's easy. 
> Juts get the NSIS Windows installer compiler from 
> Nullsoft here:
> It's Free Software, and it works quite well.
> Although the syntax is not as clean as that of Lua.

It is nice, indeed. I though of injecting Lua into it, but actually, its
primitive syntax allows it to be *very* small, a good quality for an installer.
See InstallShield for what to not use for small applications :-)
Note that for such an application, we can use Lua without lexer (running
byte code), but I think it will be still bigger than the current language.


Philippe Lhoste (Paris -- France)
Professional programmer and amateur artist

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