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> It would help if some simple policy where defined (for example, no API
> changes between beta and final release) and adhered to, so that people
> tracking the releases know what to expect.

We intend to do that: Only minor changes from alpha to beta, no external
changes from beta to final (unless forced by bugs or other major
disasters). That is why we did not release Lua 5.0 alpha yet.

(Minor changes == "renaming a function, changing a parameter here or
there, or adding new functions")

> BTW, I will ask Lua authors to go fetch their crystal ball ;-) Do
> you think the C API (including lauxlib) of Lua 5.0 will be pretty
> stable now, or may it still have some deep changes, like those from
> Lua 4.0-work4 to Lua 5.0-work0?

It is not stable :-(  That is one of the reasons this is not an alpha
version. As far as our crystal ball can tell, the coming non-minor
changes are

- error handling ("pcall" won't get an "errf" parameter)

- lua_setglobals/lua_getglobals (now, each Lua function has it own
global table)

- hooks: there will be only one hook function, which can be called in
several different events (calls, returns, line change, instruction

-- Roberto