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>The 4..0.1 is called 4.0-update and should be found on every mirror 
>(You can find it on my mirror )

Why there is not a word about it on

And why only as a patch? It seems a bit confusing to me. Advocating Lua is
already hard (because of existing "beliefs"), but if I have to explain
"First download this file, then this other from somewhere else, then find a
Unix system, then de-gzip the files in this order, then untar them [try
explaining this to a Windows user], then transport them all back on your
box, fix this incompatibility with the Borland compiler [is it just my
senile memory?], then compile ignoring those "undefined structure"
warnings. See? Is was easy"...

Please understand that I write this because I like Lua a lot. I am
_definitely_ not advocating a Windows installer or something of that sort,
but most people is used to get a .zip file of the latest complete version
(as an alternative to a tar.gz). Removing a hurdle should do no harm.