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It's integrated environment for developing applications in lua. It's free
for commercial and non-commercial use.

- Support for Lua 5.0 work1
- Project management
- Multi document interface, printer support
- Output window for build/debug messages (jump to error when clicked)
- Debugger (Go, Step into, Step over, Step out and Run to cursor commands)
- Breakpoints
- Callstack trace window (jump to any stack level during execution)
- Locals trace window (shows local variables in current stack level)
- Watch window (evaluate user expressions in current stack level)
- API for dynamically loaded extensions for lua (sources for standard
library extension and skeleton for new extensions)

Environment is very similar to that used in Microsoft's Visual Studio. As
now there is only version for Windows.
Editor uses scintilla edit control.
To do your own extensions look at sources for standard library. There is
also skeleton project, just fill it and you have new extension.
Download it from
send any comments, bugs to Tristan Rybak <>

Tristan Rybak