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> It's integrated environment for developing applications in lua. It's free
> for commercial and non-commercial use.
> Features:
> - Support for Lua 5.0 work1

This version is already out? I only have Lua 5.0-work0...

> - Debugger (Go, Step into, Step over, Step out and Run to cursor commands)
> - Breakpoints
> - Callstack trace window (jump to any stack level during execution)
> - Locals trace window (shows local variables in current stack level)
> - Watch window (evaluate user expressions in current stack level)

Oooh, a debugger for Lua, I want one :-) I never had the time to overcome
Titmouse limitations.

> Editor uses scintilla edit control.

Excellent choice :-)

Quick test...
- You should add a drag'n'drop support of files. I love to open my files
from Explorer this way.
- You open an empty window at start; when I open a file, a new window is
created, you should reuse the unused one.
- As for Titmouse, I would like to be able to set my preferences for the
syntax highlighting.
You may use a Lua file to store preferences. The literal strings ([[...]])
are not highlighted.
BTW, I plan to implement the highlighting of Lua 5.0's --[[ ... ]] block
comments soon.
- I really dislike programs that invert (see most other Windows programs,
including MS' ones) OK and Cancel buttons, you have to think twice before
- I tried to step in a small program of mine. I had to create a project, add
the file to it, compile it before being able to debug it. A bit an overkill.
- The step by step execution stopped on a 'print' instruction, which seems
absent from the global table. Did I forgot a step?
- I added another (unrelated) file to the project, but Compile see only the
first one, and I cannot debug the second one.

Oh well, I stop here... This is a nice start, though, I hope to see evolve
over time.
Thank you for sharing.


Philippe Lhoste (Paris -- France)
Professional programmer and amateur artist

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