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on 19/6/02 12:15 AM, Björn De Meyer at wrote:

> Yes, but I think lua already offers the tools to make "immersive"
> game scripting possible, provided a good framework and maybe a little
> hacking. Don't get me wrong, I agree that coroutines can come in quite
> handy. But there are other valid ways to obtain the same result. I get
> the impression that there some are people here who have a coroutine
> hammer, 
> and to whom every problem looks like a coroutine nail. I'm sorry to
> nag about this, but there are other tools in the programmer's toolbox.
> These are also worth investigating.

Is there any difference between coroutines and co-operative threads? I'd not
heard the term before coming to this discussion group. The definition I just
looked up appears to be identical.