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In my lua 4.0 the following code crashes (with a floating point


This is because the code in luaH_mainposition:

      h = (unsigned long)(long)nvalue(key);

performs an undefined conversion.  It is attempting to convert the
double that has value (2^31+1) to a long.  Converting from double
to long is only defined when the value of the integer part of the
number can be represented in the type long (see section in
ISO 9899:1990).  2^31+1 is just outside the range that long can
represent on my platform (being a fairly ordinary 32 bit platform).
Converting from long to unsigned long is of course fine.

I think a proper fix to this slightly thorny because you'd like to be
able to do something like:

Number d = nvalue(key);
if(d < LONG_MAX + 1.0f && d > LONG_MIN - 1.0f) {
  h = (unsigned long)(long)d;
} else {
  h = 0;

but that assumes that the value LONG_MAX + 1 is in the range represented
by Number (double, say), and the same for LONG_MIN - 1.  Of course this
is true for any representation of float and double that I have seen.

And then there's the issue of changing Number to be long or int (in
which the original code is fine, and my suggested replacement is not).

luaH_getnum also needs fixing.