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On Thu, Jun 13, 2002 at 02:13:27AM -0700, Alex Bilyk wrote:
> Has anybody done this without making any changes to original LUA code? Not a
> big deal just wondering:)

If you're using the STL in your code, then you could add the following...

class cLuaState {
  static cLuaState* GetStateFromLuaState( lua_State *L );
  static std::map< lua_State*, cLuaState* > myStateMap;

Then manage creating/deleting entries in myStateMap in your constructor and
desstructors, and write a body for GetStateFromLuaState such that you can
have something like:

int myLuaFunction( lua_State *L ) {
  cLuaState* myStatePtr = cLuaState::GetStateFromLuaState( L );

I know this is terse, but I've not played with the STL in a while, so I
can't easily rattle off the incantations for managing the map :)


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