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> -- Christopher S. Charabaruk wrote:
> > I still believe that the documentation could have been executed better. 
> > Like I've mentioned, I can't get to doing real work on Meldlua because 
> > the documentation isn't good enough for me. What I need, I guess, are 
> > examples, or at least a lot more detail.
> "Use the Force, read the source" seems to be the modus operandi with Lua,
especially from an
> embedder's point of view. For instance, the documentation makes no mention
whatsoever of lauxlib,
> upon which all of Lua's libraries are built.  I think most people just end
up ignoring the
> documentation and learning by example from Lua's source.
> Cheers,
> Eric

That's one problem. There are not much open source projects embedding Lua,
giving examples how to do it. A lot of projects using Lua are close source,
particularly the games :-)
And when there are such project, I bet they are a bit too complex, making
hard to learn the basis.

I am just beginning to learn how to mix C and Lua, and most of what I know
is indeed from lua.c and *lib.c, which is an excellent start. The Lua
documentation, although scarce, can be helpful. For lauxlib, there is a PDF
documentation but I routinely take a look at the source instead :-)

Since the documentation, at least of Lua 4.0, is in HTML (perhaps generated
from a Unix format), we can improve it (some library functions could use some
more explainations) and submit the changes to the authors.
Or write an independant documentation.
Of course, for me and probably for most of us (including Lua's authors), the
problem is the lack of time.


Philippe Lhoste (Paris -- France)
Professional programmer and amateur artist

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