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> > If anybody here know how to make finer measures, let me know.
> take a look at the LuaProfiler, in the wiki.

Mmm, I even had it on my hard disk, but failed to take a look until now :-)
It is seems very useful, but still rely on clock() or times(). I can replace
them with Win32 functions, but I still wonder what are the functions to
profile an application (ie. to get its CPU time).
I had a quick glance at the Performance Monitoring chapter of MSDN and I
still don't know what information it provides... I think I will give up as it is
non vital.

BTW, I found the tick count value:
Windows NT 3.5 and later: The system timer runs at approximately 10ms. 
Windows NT 3.1: The system timer runs at approximately 16ms. 
Windows 95/98/Me: The system timer runs at approximately 55ms.

I believe that's the resolution of clock() on Windows.


Philippe Lhoste (Paris -- France)
Professional programmer and amateur artist

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