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> Just wondering if there is any Schedule for Lua 5 ?

Besides lots of details (e.g. names), there are three points that we are
still looking for resonable solutions. We really would like to solve
them before an alpha version. (For the final version, there are still
lots of work into the manual...)

* global names: we will implement that idea of separated global tables
per function and release a working version, so we can all play with
it a little.

* "partial order": 5.0w0 already solved the "bug" about comparisons with
NaN (Not a Number):

  nan = 10e500/10e500
  print(nan < 3)      --> false
  print(nan <= 3)     --> false
  print(nan > 3)      --> false
  print(nan >= 3)     --> false
  print(nan < nan)    --> false

However, it is not possible to do a similar thing through the "lt"

* _ERRORMESSAGE: in 5.0w0, we changed _ERRORMESSAGE into a parameter
to lua_pcall, so that we could have a different _ERRORMESSAGE for each
thread in Lua. But that solution seems a little cumbersome.

-- Roberto