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Luiz Henrique de Figueiredo wrote:
Once there's, say, an O'Reilly book on Lua in front of people when
they're browsing the shelves, and just one very successful title that
uses Lua for mods, you can bet that we'll see a lot more people jumping
all over it.

Sure, but the book has to be about a stable language and we keep changing it!

That actually might be another point keeping more peol´ple from using Lua... it's sort of a moving target. (Altho I strongly believe this is more a perception thing than truth, Lua 4 being stable)

Maybe it would help to make discussions about the versions more distinc from each other:
Lua-dev (for the work-versions)
Lua-stable (the version that is stable and can be used as-is)

Clearly stating which version of Lua a given topic applies to might also help avoid confusion.

lust 2c, Martin