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>5.0 appears to have just about everything
>everyone (well, game developers) have clamored for, and should stop a
>lot of the custom hacking of the interpreter...

I hope so, but we'd be interested in learning what kind of hacking is going on.
Perhaps it's something that can be used in the core or perhaps at least make
it easier to hack in the core. We do listen, even if it takes time to get
things into the core.

>or maybe it's just that
>the focus will shift from multi-tasking to garbage collection now.  =)  

Yes, it will. Like I said, our main focus is on a small and powerful core.
Lua 5.0 introduced light coroutines (or whatever you call them). Improving
the garbage collection scheme is our next target. We'll probably start with
a simple generational GC.

>Again, at this point the thing missing is exposure.

I know, but how can we the team help with that? It's so much more impressive
when you faithful tell your field stories. So, by all means, someone please go
to GDC and make a nice case for Lua! Or write a piece for DDJ.

A tutorial would be a nice addition to the wiki. Anyone?

>Once there's, say, an O'Reilly book on Lua in front of people when
>they're browsing the shelves, and just one very successful title that
>uses Lua for mods, you can bet that we'll see a lot more people jumping
>all over it.

Sure, but the book has to be about a stable language and we keep changing it!

>Speaking of which... Luiz, who is publishing your book?  =)

It's Roberto's book. And there are no publishers yet. No book either :-)