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What to put into scripts and what to make in C++ depends on what you want to do, and how much should be changed without programming in C++.

The Main game loop should ofcourse be done in C++  for speed purposes, but things like AI, level interactivity and things that change from level to level should be done in a script.

For example, instead of making a door open in C++, you could do it in LUA.
The AI could be done in LUA, since most objects should behave differently. Object 1 could be quite different from object 2.

The drawback of putting too much into LUA code is, that it requires more programming knowledge of the level designers. However, the final result might be better than doing most things in C++.

What kind of game are you making ?

Tue Hald Madsen
Nutritious Games

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From: "Brian A. Knudsen" <>

> i tried to use lua alongside a vc++ project (a simple game), and it worked
> perfectly. But my lack knowledge in the field of game scripting leads me to
> ask for resources regarding this .. especially if they used lua. I'm not
> sure what to keep inside the mainfile and what to pass onto lua, and also im
> in doubt how todo this with the best design ..
> any hints?
> Brian