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Hello all,

I ran into a rather silly problem with Lua 5.0 work 0. I don't seem to be
able to load a .lua file.

In 4.1w4 I would do this:


Since dofile is not implemented in 5.0w0, I tried loadfile:


This executes with no error, but does NOT load the file (!).

I also tried require:


And got this error message:

    stdin:1: could not load package `scheduler.lua' from path `?.lua'
    stack traceback:
       1-  [C]: in function `require'
       2-  stdin:1: in main chunk

Any idea what I'm doing wrong?

(This is on Windows 2000 Pro, compiled with VC++6.0 and also the same
error appeared when compiled with Bloodsheds Dev-C++ version

  - Tom Wrensch