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>The work on a "dynamic extension modules" addon for Lua 4.0/4.1w4/5.0w0 is
>under way. I plan to do it by Monday (after which I'll be out for the rest
>of the week). Anyways, I've stumbled to the huge number of functions in the
>Lua / C API. Are these all essential and if not, which ones can we drop out?

Like I said before, I don't understand why you need to do anything hard
about this. Can't you just list the Lua libraries as dependencies as someone
suggested? (I guess you're working in Windows. In Unix this is simply a matter
of having Lua as a .so and "linking" your module with this; that is, ld just
needs to see Lua's .so, it will not include it in your module when you create
a .so for it.)

>I'm perfectly okay with supporting all of these (technically, just "hard
>work" ;) but if it makes sense to have a nicely picked subset, that would
>make the job easier & code nicer. E.g. 'lua_open()' and 'lua_close()' are
>hardly going to be called from extensions, right?

Lua libraries tend to use lauxlib to. That's the purpose of lauxlib...