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On Jun 06, 2002 at 02:10 -0700, Eric Tetz wrote:
> --- Roberto Ierusalimschy <> wrote:
> > We changed the names of some of them ('string', 'table'), but we could
> > not think of good long names for the 'io' and the 'os' libraries...
> For the 'os' namespace, several languages use 'system'. Not that I
> dislike 'os', I prefer short namespace names.
> Personally, I think splitting the Lua's tiny library up into all
> these different namespaces is overkill.  C++'s standard library
> dwarfs Lua's, and it does just fine with one namespace (std).  The
> most important thing is getting the library out of the user's
> namespace. I think one 'lua' namespace would have been more than
> enough, and would have kept the namespace moniker short and sweet
> (and impossible to forget).

I think it's nice that io & os are separate from the others at least,
because those are ones that many apps will want to exclude from their
embedded Lua (for security).  I think it makes that situation clearer
-- easier to describe, document & understand.

Thatcher Ulrich