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> For the record, I generated the PS file for the manual with "dvips -Pcmz".
> I understand that this will use outline fonts instead of the default bitmap
> fonts (I'm not sure about Type 1 or 3.). Then I generated the PDF with a plain
> ps2pdf. Perhaps this last step was done in machine with an old version of gs,
> one that used Type 3 fonts, I'm not sure. I usually use Adobe Distiller for
> this but since it was for a work version, I was lazy to go to a Windows machine.
> Perhaps the PDF for Lua 4.0 looks better than the one for 4.1w4 as it was
> generated with Distiller. I'd like to know about this and also how else I could
> improve the PDF generation. Thanks.

The easiest way, I find, is to use the LY1 encoding (support files from and pslatex, so that the standard (Times, Helvetica, Courier)
fonts are used with the standard (Adobe) encoding.

This results not only in nicer-looking PDF files, but much smaller ones,
since the fonts don't have to be embedded.

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