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> An alternative would be to use pslatex to generate the PS and 
> PDF, which
> would then avoid the nasty Type 3 fonts (at least for the most part).

This sounds like a good solution. 

> > In the future I'd like to see all the documentation 
> integrated. I would like
> > to browse through all of the manual and wiki and module 
> docs linked, in a
> > similar way that Python and Perl do so well. I've got the 
> "Luax" project in
> > the pipeline and I'd like to link up module docs to manuals etc.
> Indeed. But you don't want too many forward pointers (e.g. from the
> manual, which is for the core distribution, to LuaX stuff). 

Yes sorry, I see your point. The dependency would be one way, like the code.
Luax docs would link to Lua docs but you'd have to use browser features to
go back. Although I'm considering parsing the manual and collecting links so
that you can, say, jump to a particular function reference.

Actually the working title of the project is "Rio", since Lua is from there
(and its easy to type ;-). I think John has a good point about renaming it
and if its to be altered (but I hope it will stay just as vanilla Lua using
dynamic modules) then it needs to be renamed under the terms of the license
to avoid being "misrepresented as being the original package".

> Nonetheless,
> it's quite possible to produce PDF-friendly LaTeX documents with
> hyperlinks (I did this for my CV). Certainly with minimal changes the
> standard manual could be produced in a PDF and HTML-friendly way, with
> both internal hyperlinks and a couple of well-chosen external 
> links (e.g.
> and

PDF & HTML would be great. PDF for printer friendly and HTML for reference.