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> I agree with this, also because of the easy hyperlink incorporation. I think
> Latex converters can insert links. HTML is much nicer to print now, in IE 5
> anyway. I believe PDF is much better alternative to PS these days, much
> better supported and portable etc.

An alternative would be to use pslatex to generate the PS and PDF, which
would then avoid the nasty Type 3 fonts (at least for the most part).

> Ghostview isnt that great really, a lot of times it wont print out stuff for
> me. Perhaps my installation's not correct or something is missing but there
> you go, its either non standard or imperfect, I think it is PD software.

Ghostscript/Ghostview not non-standard, though nothing's perfect. I've had
problems printing under Windows to certain printers, but none under Linux.
Ghostscript is open source (and at any one time there's a GPLed version an
a non-GPLed version which is a couple of versions ahead); Ghostview
appears to be shareware.

> In the future I'd like to see all the documentation integrated. I would like
> to browse through all of the manual and wiki and module docs linked, in a
> similar way that Python and Perl do so well. I've got the "Luax" project in
> the pipeline and I'd like to link up module docs to manuals etc.

Indeed. But you don't want too many forward pointers (e.g. from the
manual, which is for the core distribution, to LuaX stuff). Nonetheless,
it's quite possible to produce PDF-friendly LaTeX documents with
hyperlinks (I did this for my CV). Certainly with minimal changes the
standard manual could be produced in a PDF and HTML-friendly way, with
both internal hyperlinks and a couple of well-chosen external links (e.g. and

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