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> >  Of course, the ideal would be to have the reference
> > manuals in HTML, and then all my problems with other
> > people's fonts would disappear.
> This would be a good alternative. Maybe someone should have a go at
> converting the manual with a LaTeX2HTML converter? I'd be happy to try
> with my favourite, HeVeA, if the LaTeX sources were available.

I agree with this, also because of the easy hyperlink incorporation. I think
Latex converters can insert links. HTML is much nicer to print now, in IE 5
anyway. I believe PDF is much better alternative to PS these days, much
better supported and portable etc.

> Another alternative would be to use Ghostview. It works splendidly for me.
>> This is a pain to set up on RISC OS (which Gavin is using). I speak from
experience. Also, it's not nearly as usable as on Windows or X.

Ghostview isnt that great really, a lot of times it wont print out stuff for
me. Perhaps my installation's not correct or something is missing but there
you go, its either non standard or imperfect, I think it is PD software.

In the future I'd like to see all the documentation integrated. I would like
to browse through all of the manual and wiki and module docs linked, in a
similar way that Python and Perl do so well. I've got the "Luax" project in
the pipeline and I'd like to link up module docs to manuals etc.