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Dear Luiz Henrique
 I have always had problems trying to read the the
Lua reference manuals on screen. I have to magnify
them by 200% to make out the letters and even then
they look like a spider's web. I am told by the
author of my pdf/ps software that this is because
they use embedded Type3 fonts. I know it is a bit
of an impertinence for me to ask, but if it were
possible for you produce them with Type1 fonts
instead, without too much trouble, it might solve my
problem. My system uses only anti-aliased fonts,
but Type3 fonts are only provided in PDF files as
outlines, apparently.
 Of course, the ideal would be to have the reference
manuals in HTML, and then all my problems with other
people's fonts would disappear. 
Gavin Wraith (
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