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On Mon, Feb 11, 2002 at 04:44:37PM -0600, wrote:
> Moving the most flame-generating point first, for the non-Debian
> members of the list :-)

Makes sense :)

> I noticed you didn't expose lua_loadbuffer as an external symbol in
> the shared library.  If you don't, other people may have to maintain
> liblua-plus-loadbuffer40.deb, which will be a copy of liblua40.deb with
> the sole difference being the name and extern status of two symbols---no
> change in code...

Hmm, oookay, I suppose I can do that.

> I'm not sure it makes sense to split into liblua40 and liblualib40.  I
> think on size considerations it isn't worth it---on sparc (pretty
> bloaty), is all of 50k. Most apps I know of link to
> both liblua and liblualib...

When I was discussing this with other Debian people it was recommended that
they be split out into separate packages -- particularly since links-lua
uses liblua but not liblualib I believe.

> Missing /usr/share/doc/lua40/README.  Or should that be
> /usr/share/doc/liblua40/README?

Oops -- my bad.

> I've put a doc-base control file at the bottom of this message that
> you may want to add as debian/lua40-doc.doc-base.

Thanks -- I've added this although my knackered brain can't remember what
exactly this does or why :)

> The patch effectively copies lua/test/* into lua/.  I think this is a
> bad idea; aside from the pure bug of nuking lua/README, it bloats the
> patch.

I have /no/ idea how that happened :( (I've fixed it though)

> /usr/share/doc/lua40/examples has broken lua and luac symlinks.

Will fix that

> I think _GNU_SOURCE is overkill; _POSIX_C_SOURCE=2 is good enough to
> bring in popen().

Defining _GNU_SOURCE was a fix to allow it to compile on Hurd-i386 as
provided to me by a hurd developer -- I don't think it harms things to be

> dpkg-source: warning: file debian/lua40.prerm has no final newline (either original or modified version)
> dpkg-source: warning: file debian/lua40.postinst has no final newline (either original or modified version)

That'll teach me to trust vi :)

> > I'll be starting on the dllua40 packages tomorrow night -- these will have a
> > loadlib of sorts and will be the default lua interpreter for debian.
> OK.  Expect more comments then---that's a lot more controversial :-)

Indeed -- Fortunately things have been constructive so far.

> > Again, comments and ideas please email me soon..
> I was meaning to comment on the debian policy but it was really too
> abstract for me to get a handle on.  I think with concrete packages in
> place, I'll be able to understand better what your policies mean.

Yeah -- the policy is a little hard to get /MY/ head around right now, but I
made a start at least :)

> ---- snip lua40-doc.doc-base ----
> ---- snip lua40-doc.doc-base ----

Thanks for that -- I'll fold them in right now....

Uploaded the lot as -2 stuff.

(I restructed that to allow history)

Again, comments gratefully received.



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