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> Just put together some bindings for tdbm and libcurl:
> - tdbm is a transactional version of dbm (a non-relational key/value 
> database).
> - libcurl an http, ftp, gopher, etc lib that supports ssl
> They're available at:
> I've also updated luapickle - a lua table serialization library(this 
> version is smaller, simpler and faster):
> Cheers,
> Steve

Excellent, I wanted to make such a library for cURL for a long time, but of
course never had the time to do it.

If I can make some criticisms:
- I was surprised by the (relatively) big size of the download (about 1MB).
I suggest to remove the libcurl itself, as it can be downloaded, to the
latest version (I have the non-pre version), from the site ( if I
recall correctly). Also don't include the .a file, as I suppose it can be easily
recompiled on an Unix system, and is probably not useful beside a system
similar to your (same processor at least).
- You should update the first line of the config file :-) Also, I am not
sure to understand where this "ranlib" is used. I don't see such a string in the
sources, only in the config files. Is it just for rand and srand?
- Some sources can use a pretty printer :-) Perhaps it is the code generated
by toLua.

Someday, I will try and compile it for Windows. If I am successful (and if
nobody does it before me :-), I will post the result.


Philippe Lhoste (Paris -- France)
Professional programmer and amateur artist

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