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> 3) code-safety features such as "require variable 
> declarations" or static typing (ala unrealscript)
IMHO a lot of errors can be traced back to these two
situations, well in my code at least. :-)

Const-correctness is another one. And it can be 
applied at compile to byte code time, rather than 
at run time. ala C++

My other pet hate is the way things get automatically 
cast to fit the situation. I always feel that they 
should be explicit. Or it it just me? 
Silly (non lua) example below.

  complex a = 1.0, 2.0;
  number  b = 7;
  string  c = string(b);  //ie string string(number);
  string  d = string(a);  //ie string string(complex);
> >  4) compiling Lua code into C 
Compile byte code into C.