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"Martin Spernau" <> writes:

> 2) is there a big difference in using expat as parser to using plain Lua?
> Maybe one should try and make some tests...

Well, I grabbed Roberto's parser and modified it to fit the LxpTree
interface.  With a few extensions it seems to be handling XML-RPC servers
well enough.  It's a long way away from full XML conformance however, so I'd
recommend that you only use it when there's no way you can use the real
parser in Lxp.

I'll ship it in the next rev of Lua XML-RPC.  I'll probably make it a
fallback when running in non-Lxp interpreters, possibly with a warning.  It
will have the nice feature of allowing CGI-based XML-RPC servers running in
the standard lua executable; you'll still need LuaSocket for clients unless
I get silly and enable my /usr/bin/POST or /usr/bin/lynx -post hacks....

Oh yes, Luiz suggested I should put up a web page with pointers to my Lua
tools. .  I'll try to keep it updated.