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Roberto wrote:
> This is our view too. We see no incompatibilities. Following the
> GNU classification (,
> we would say:
> - Lua is free software
> - Lua has no copyleft
> - Lua is compatible with the GNU GPL
> When we say, in our copyright, "... this implementation have
> been entirely designed and written by...", the "this" refers to
> Lua, not the resulting code. After all, this is the copyright of
> Lua, not the copyright of the final product. If the wording can
> be improved please tell us how.

I don't see any incompatibilities either, but me or you saying that is quite
different from a lawyer blessing two licenses as "compatible".  We also need
to answer the question of whether someone can modify Lua and release it
under GPL (or is that the same question?).

I guess this is the right time to just come out and ask... is it not
possible to re-release Lua under the "new BSD" or similar license?  Then any
possible questions regarding licensing can be directed to the nearest
existing FAQ.  It also would eliminate the need for a "new" license (the Lua
license) to be added to the license indexes kept in thousands of places
(basically anywhere that software is indexed).