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I have done some work (really Roman has done the work, I have just bugged
him) to make titmouse an embeddable C++ component. This has been really
useful in my product, and I'd be gung-ho about creating a cross-platform

One suggestion - let's do the IDE <-> debugger communications over a socket,
so as to isolate the GUI from the debugging. Second, I highly recommend the
Scintilla editing component, that timouse uses. It's great and (I believe)

I'm joining the mailing list now...


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Subject: Re: VisLua - Cross platform Lua IDE

On Nov 13, 2001 at 03:58 -0000, Nick Trout wrote:
> nature of Lua (ie. standalone or embedded). Issues such as number type
> modifcation can be dealt with by the LuaDbg library which is integrated
> the client code.

Augh, I can't find a reference to LuaDbg (but it sounds really

My sentiments exactly on the debugger interface.

Thatcher Ulrich <>