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> wxLua is a blending of the wxWindows GUI classes and the Lua programming
> language.

I noticed you have an empty titmouse directory in your wxLua project so I
assume you have been using this debugging. It would be really nice if there
was a cross platform debugger. Houston is GTK and I think Titmouse is Windows
API. wxWindows is more portable (and more powerful) than FLTK so I think this
would be a better choice as a windows library.

First thoughts are:
* Make wxLua a dynamic library.
* Make a debugger/tracer/profiler/watch etc tool which is a dynamic library,
statically linked to wxLua for its GUI.
* Both of the above useable using the "loadlib" library so any Lua application
could be easily modified to use the debugger.

Another scenario, which I am considering for Doris is to have a Lua "debug
server" which you can connect to using TCP/IP (either through luarpc or
luasocket) and you can interrogate and debug your Lua state through this. This
would be more complicated but you could debug Lua remotely and I hope games
writers can see the advantage here.

How about we set a project up on SourceForge and get this working? I'm
interested in any ideas people have.