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On Mon, Nov 05, 2001 at 01:17:15PM -0800, Curt Carpenter wrote:
> I'm sorry you are annoyed with html mail. Perhaps surprisingly,
> those of us who use html do so not because we are not clever enough
> to configure our mail clients otherwise, but because we actually
> prefer it. As you are annoyed with html mail, so too am I annoyed
> with plain text messages. I wish everyone used html mail, but I'm
> not going to try to force it on anyone.

The real problem with HTML mail is that there is no standard for
quoted replies. Text-mail has been doing ">" quoted replies (like this
one) since before the Internet had it's name, and they work very well.
Discussions with some HTML participants end up in a jumble of HTML
"original message follows", HTML tables, and plain text replies. The
only thing I like about HTML mail is client-side paragraph formatting.

To make amends for my off-topic message, here are some useful snippits
for people:

- The "Mutt email client" ( supports inline display of
HTML messages using an external filter (like lynx or links). It makes
reading (and replying to) HTML mail very simple, even for die hard
text-mode UNIX mailer people. You might be able to hook up a similar
setup for your favorite UNIX mail client. Email me if you would like
some help with this.

- If the listowners would like to enforce plain-text only discussion,
I'll happily provide a filter script for the mailing list which will
only pass text/plain or the text/plain portions of
multipart-alternative MIME messages. 

David Jeske (N9LCA) + +