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Reuben Thomas wrote:
> > So _VERSION is already there; it's set in the baselib.
> I have two complaints about this: 1. It's not documented (AFAICS); 2. It
> should be available on a vanilla system; you shouldn't need to have a
> library included. (A minor quibble, perhaps?)

I agree with #1. I disagree with #2. If you're setting up a vanilla
system without baselib, you might not want to have even the _VERSION
global defined. (Perhaps you want to use it for some other purpose.)

In a vanilla system, tinsert wouldn't exist, anyway :-)

It is indeed in lbaselib.c, by the way; I checked. (It might have been
in lua.c, which is probably where I would have thought of putting it
myself... but baselib is probably better.)

I don't know what the plan for Lua and library loading might be, but my
libraries stash their name and version number in the _LIBS_LOADED
global, if it exists. I use that in my modified lua.c in order to tell
me what libraries I've included ... I find that less confusing
sometimes. The template creates the table _LIBS_LOADED just before the
init's of the libraries, and then printf's the keys and values after
they're loaded. Since I just did that for my own convenience, I didn't
bother modifying the standard libraries, but it would be easy enough to

With respect to tinsert, I agree that it ought to use the third argument
rather than the last argument; that seems intuitive. (Although inserting
all of them would be cooler, and would not break any code which doesn't
assume that tinsert can handle cases of other than exactly three

> > BTW, the tinsert bug appears to be present in 4.1alpha too.
> >
> > IMHO the bug is the calling convetion on tinsert itself.
> Well no, at the moment it doesn't behave as described in the manual. That's
> a bug in the implementation.
> > The statement
> >
> >   tinsert(x, foo())
> >
> > does completely different this when foo returns 1 or 2 results.
> Plenty of functions do that; I don't have a problem with it.
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