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Reuben Thomas wrote:
> Is there a way of finding the version of Lua one is running? The obvious way
> to overcome the bug (if that's what it is) in tinsert that I just pointed
> out is to write a wrapper:
> i.e. I could surround it with
> if _VERSION < 4.1 then
> ...
> end

lua -e "print(_VERSION)"
--> Lua 4.0

So _VERSION is already there; it's set in the baselib.

> BTW, the tinsert bug appears to be present in 4.1alpha too.

IMHO the bug is the calling convetion on tinsert itself.  The

  tinsert(x, foo())

does completely different this when foo returns 1 or 2 results.
I think, these collection of functions would be better:

  tinsertat(table, pos, elements...) -- insert at pos
  tinsert(table, elements...)  -- insert at 1
  tappend(table, elements...)  -- append at -1

Ciao, ET.