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This is an idea sparked by Erik's reminder about the "lua" program being a
sample interpreter.

Maybe those interested in Lua as a stand alone scripting language (that is,
for system scripting) would consider producing a new package, say "Lua-SS".
It would use the Lua core unmodified, but maybe extend the standard
libraries towards a more POSIX-level functionality (as access to file dates,
directory contents, etc. are essential to system scripting).  It would also
provide well-defined module, class(?), and threading(?) support.  (Part of
the module specification would include Lua registry use.)  It would support
automatic generation and use of compiled Lua files similar to Python's

With a well-defined module system and expanded standard libraries,
third-party libraries would finally have a solid base to build on.  A nice
side effect for beginners and for those of us in the "embedded camp" is that
there will be more code available to peek at and hack.

I think this would benefit everyone and also diffuse the tension between the
stand-alone and embedded users.  There would finally be something worth
making a Debian package for.