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My current project is built using LUA 4.0 and C++.  Because LUA uses
setjmp/longjmp, which wreaks havoc with C++'s stack unwinding semantics,
I've made a few changes to luaD_protected_run and luaD_breakrun
to use C++'s catch/throw semantics instead.  This, of course,
necessitates compiling with a C++ compiler (I broke out the two "lucky" 
functions into a a new file: ldoxx.cpp which I compile with the C++ compiler).

A simple compile time switch changes which error recovery semantics 
are used.

If anyone is interested in the patch (maybe an LTN?) let me know.
I'd include it here, but my stupid DSL provider has decided that
I don't deserve DSL -- they randomly disconnected my service *GRRR* --
and I'm not able to access the 'net from my normal system (Which
has the code on it)

Mike Cuddy (, MC312), Programmer, Daddy, Human.
Fen's Ende Software, Redwood City, CA, USA, Earth, Sol System, Milky Way.

       Now I lay me down to sleep / CVS, I pray, my code to keep.  
       If disks crash before I wake: / format, newfs, cvs up, make.

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