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Jay Carlson writes:

> I shamelessly borrowed the design of the shopping list application and
> implemented it in this binding; it should be a reasonable example.  I'm
> still trying to get a feel for what good style would be, so please pardon
> the code quality.
> BTW vr3framework.lua does a reasonable job of emulating the Agenda look
> feel.

Ooops, I realized this list doesn't have the context for this.

I've been working on embedded Linux as a hobby for a few years.  One of the
devices I work on is Agenda VR3; see or .  Quick summary: the VR3 is a 66MHz
MIPS-based Linux box with 8M RAM, 16M flash, and a 160x240 greyscale
display.  It sells for $180-$250.  The standard distribution uses X and the
FLTK widget set, with some additional widgets and libraries.

I truly hate writing applications in C or C++, so I've been looking for a
plausible higher level language to use on these embedded devices.  On a
previous project, a linux distro for the VTech Helio (75MHz MIPS 8M RAM 2M
flash), I used the W window system and Tcl as a scripting language. if you're curious.  For various practical
and ideological reasons I don't like Tcl much.