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I've written a higher level binding between Lua and FLTK. The toLua binding
I did ( ) provides a very C++
like binding.  My new code at provides a second layer,
written in Lua, that acts more like a proper Lua binding should.

Constructors are of the form Button{10,10,40,40;}, and most
attribute-like things on widgets are available directly.  You can write
input_widget.value to retrieve and/or set using the Fltk value functions,
for instance.

I shamelessly borrowed the design of the shopping list application and
implemented it in this binding; it should be a reasonable example.  I'm
still trying to get a feel for what good style would be, so please pardon
the code quality.

BTW vr3framework.lua does a reasonable job of emulating the Agenda look and

Eventually I would like to move this binding to C; I'd appreciate comments
on it.