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> I have no problems with moving the list to Yahoo.

I second this. I had been using eGroups for some time when Yahoo bought
them, and was suspicious of Yahoo's privacy policy, and heard bad things
about the rights they took over postings made to their lists. But when I
studied the small print, everything seemed in order; also, their site seems
fast and the interface, I agree, is excellent (instant access to the last 5
or so messages posted, plus a good searching interface, which is what I use
mostly, as I get the list delivered by email).

The remaining areas of concern are advertising in messages, which AFAICS is
restricted to an ad for Yahoo Groups itself (again, that's in plain text
messages), and spam. Recently I changed the email address to which I have
mail delivered, and the amount of spam dropped markedly. Since I haven't
actually changed my published email address (which I use for mailing lists),
it seems that mailing lists weren't the main source of spam. In any case,
I've certainly not noticed an increase as a result of using Yahoo Groups,
where I am subscribed to about half-a-dozen lists (though most are quieter
than the Lua list).

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