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In a general sense, where the list mails come from doesn't bother me, so
long as they're not filled with annoying ads or converted to HTML mail, both
of which I despise with a healthy passion.

But, I zealously guard my email address to avoid spam of any variety. Hence
I have the email address I use for actual mail, and the one I use when
places insist on knowing your email address even though they "*never* sell
it to anyone". Really, this list is the only "public" place I use my actuall
email address. It goes without saying I trust you lua gods more than I
trust, for example, Real Networks.

If the list is moving to a place where it's even easier for people to
harvest email addresses (and which I hesitate to trust), I'd rather just
create myself a second email address just for the list so that this one
doesn't get more public exposure. In which case, it would be cooler if this
address wasn't just automatically added anywhere for me. How do-able is