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> >I too would unsubscribe if ads were to appear.
> >
> >Philippe Lhoste mentioned ads in HTML formatted messages.
> >I'm not sure what this means in practice, but I would also
> >unsubscribe if I started receiving HTML.
> To receive HTML messages you have to say so explicitly and for 
> this you need
> an Yahoo ID. If you never use the web interface, you'll never get 
> either ads
> or HTML messages.

Not true (I think). Jens just sent an HTML message (using Microsoft Outlook
Express 5.5), and I believe Yahoo would hack it to add its ad (like it is
done for free Web hosted pages).
> Mind you, I'm not a fan or otherwise of Yahoo Groups. It's just that there
> is a Lua list there already (with some 150 subscribers that are NOT in our
> list here) and I want to minimize noise.

OK for me...
> I understand the concerns about ads and about the lifetime of 
> Yahoo Groups.
> If Yahoo Groups dies or becomes inconvenient, we'll find some 
> other solution.
> --lhf

Well, Yahoo is less likely to die that VA Linux or other sites, I think...
But nothing on the Web is eternal anyway.


Philippe Lhoste (Paris -- France)
Professional programmer and amateur artist

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