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> Have you considered the Wiki approach?

I thought I'd a Wiki for as much of my content as possible, but I hadn't
considered defining my own markup language (I wanted to use something

> Most people get hung up on the Wiki concept because they think it means that
> pages must be publicly editable.  But that's just part of the Wiki culture,
> not the technology Wiki uses.

I actually want many pages to be publically editable, but you're right, I
didn't realise it could be used for static pages too.

However, I think this is attacking slightly the wrong problem: I'm more
worried about how to wire my content together into a site than how to make
the content in the first place (apart from parts of the front page, it will
be mostly translated from other formats anyway). This is not a question of
the (content) markup language, but of linking content, images, stylesheets
&c. together into pages. Layout/structure markup, I suppose. This lends
itself more to an XML-ish (or, in Lua-speak, tables) description than flat
text, I think.

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