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John Passaniti wrote:
> > I thought all along that I should use an HTML
> > preprocessing tool (given that I couldn't find
> > a Linux web development system that supported
> > some form of meta-HTML) to allow me to generate
> > static pages intelligently (given that I want
> > to use the same techniques to maintain my private
> > web pages, which, unlike SF, are hosted in a
> > place that doesn't have CGI support).  But in the
> > end it seemed that my page content was too simple
> > for the tools I looked at.
> Have you considered the Wiki approach?
> You start by defining a simplified markup language specific to your
> interests, style, and needs.  You then write a translator for that markup
> language into HTML.  Since the source isn't bound to HTML, you can then
> write translators to whatever other formats you may later want (XHTML,
> Postscript, the DocBook DTD, whatever).  Then, you can tweak the 
> translator
> when two months down the road you find out that Browser X doesn't like the
> HTML <Y> element you've been using, or you decide frames are evil and want
> to render them as tables.
> Most people get hung up on the Wiki concept because they think it 
> means that
> pages must be publicly editable.  But that's just part of the 
> Wiki culture,
> not the technology Wiki uses.
> Others don't like the specific markup used by Wiki's, but that's 
> not sacred
> either.  The point is to first define what you want out of the 
> preprocessor,
> and then come up with a language for describing it.  If you went for a
> traditional Wiki markup syntax, you could do it in a screen of Lua code.
> More complex, more code-- it's up to you.

To keep this thread on topic ;-), I believe Jean-Claude Wippler wrote a Wiki
Wiki using Lua. Yes, I located the source here:
JC, you should put your integral util.lua code somewhere on the Wiki. You
give portions of it in your examples, but I don't see direct link to it (in the
main sample page).

Beside, there are also a lot of programs transforming <a
href="";>almost free text</a> to HTML, using various more
or less intrusive/intuitive markup.

Actually, in this field, the main problem is to choose (and stick with)
*one* method/program... And make the good choice (for the needs we have) to avoid
changing after the choice, because some feature is missing. Of course, in
this field, open source is a must, since we can fit softwares to our needs
(supposing we have time for it, and for somes, needed competences...).


Philippe Lhoste (Paris -- France)
Professional programmer and amateur artist

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