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At 10:05 30/04/01 -0400, you wrote:
I'm trying to find a lightweight GUI toolkit that I could use with
Lua. I've looked into wxWindows, V, fltk and Fox, among others,
they're all excllent, but I haven't yet found something that would be
an analogue of Lua in the GUI arena, i.e., something simple, small,
easy to implement and extend. Does any of you have any

   Check the "tklua" on the "Download/add-ons" page.

P.S. I read the following on the LuaCMD page: "(...) IUP, as other
libraries, soon will be available with a binding for Lua." Any news on

IUP is being rewritten to improve maintenance and expansibility. We expect an open and free release by the end of the year.