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John Belmonte wrote:
>     for val in list do
>         print(val)
>     end
> My argument for adding this new form is that it's more terse, less
> error prone (forgetting the local qualifier, etc), and faster if the
> list happens to be a global.

IMHO the most useful feature of it would be that list is only evaluated
once.  You may iterate for example over function results without a lot
of hassle:

	for key in sorted(table) do ... end
	for field in split(string, ":") do ... end
or simply:
	for x in { "foo1", "foo2", "bar", "baz" } do ... end

Ciao, ET.

PS: Has someone an idea for an alternative syntax?  It's so similar
to the regular unordered "for i,v in" loop.  I would prefer a syntax
that makes it more obvious that it is an ordered loop and not just
the regular one without the 'v' var.