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>>- suport for wchar (preparing for unicode)
>I can imagine some people need to store more than ASCII in lua strings. I 
>can even imagine that we might use this feature for game localization. 
>Adding it seems the right thing to do... but please avoid bloat. Is there 
>demand for this feature? Is UTF-8 the answer?

No bloat, unless you do use Unicode or whatever. Like I said, it's all a matter
of defining the right macros. The code has been changed to add macros for
basic types such as char and also aroung literal strings.

>>We'll do something more general: you'll be able to compile Lua wth different
>>"personalities": integer, float, 16-bit, wchar, multithreaded, etc.,
>>by adding a user-defined header file luser.h.
>I trust this will not involve #if spaghetti?

No spaghetti! See above.

>(Incidentally are you aware that 'luser' is a mild derogatory term for 
>computer users with little technical knowledge?)

Oops! On the other hand, such users will probably not be able to compile Lua
in any way other than plain in-the-box.

>In my view the soul of lua is power through simplicity.

Same here.