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Its possible to wrap enums in tolua. eg.
enum A { ONE,TWO,THREE };
class Blah { public: enum B { FOUR,FIVE,SIX}; };
but when I try and pass enums as parameters eg.
def: void setSomething(enum A a);
call: setSomething(ONE);
tolua complains that I am not passing an enum object, I am passing a number, which is correct. The reference is to a none typed number.
I assume the way round it is to somehow create an object and set the tag to the correct enumerated tag?
local val = ONE
settag(val,tag("enum A"))  -- I'm making this up as I go along.
Is this correct or have I missed something? If this is correct its a bit over the top I think.
I think the solution is something along the lines of: tolua needs to wrap enums in parameters as numbers but then cast them back to the correct enums at call time. Thoughts?

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