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Hello there,
I'm working on using Lua in a MS VC++ 6 project and have downloaded the
standard windows distrib.
When I first included just <lua.h> in my project, I got an "... uses
undefined struct lua_State" error. When I check lua.h this made sense,
because there was only a "typedef  lua_State  struct lua_State" and the
struct itself was not defined in any of the four include files (lua.h,
lualib.h, luadebug.h, lauxlib.h). So I added all the include files in the
source distribution in the same dir as <lua.h> and added an include
<lstate.h> in my .cpp file. Now, this worked, but (well, sort of 'but'), I
now see that I don't need the <lstate.h> include anymore because my project
compiles fine without it....???
Any clues to what happened here?